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A development group for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Improving Flight Simulator experience one step at a time.

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Dev Digital Boeing 757 Series

The Dev Digital team has been working non stop for over a year now to bring this aircraft to the sim. The aircraft may not be finished but it sure is close. We expect the plane to have fully working systems along with custom handeling, systems and screens. All Though Microsoft flight simulator is fairly new and bugs are to be expected our team is working around those bugs and finding new ways to get stuff done. You can expect this aircraft to be 100% Free to download and we hope to bring it to xbox at some point in the furture as well. 

Current Plans

Our Current Plans for Dev Digital is to create quality aircraft for Mircosoft Flight simulator 2020. We want to bring all three types of the boeing 757 to Mircosoft Flight Simulator 2020. We also want to bring more then just the 757 such as the 767 series of aircraft and maybe some general avaition aircraft. Dev Digital is also looking for developers, if you know how to use blender, work with the MSFS2020 SDK, Knows JS, RUST, or the react libraiy this would be perfect for you. If you are intreasted please reach out to us on one of our socal medias or DM us on discord.

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